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Vascular Surgery


In 2012, Hospital da Ordem Terceira Chiado established its “Vein Clinic”.


This “Vein Clinic” aims at providing a modern and quality medicine based on the concept of “One-Stop Clinic”, enabling the doctor to observe the patient in an appointment, ask for the necessary tests, and initiate treatment, all in a sequential and quick fashion, without patient movement and loss of time.

Areas of intervention

Treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs


The goals of the treatment are aesthetic improvement, relief of complaints, and avoidance of complications.

In order to relieve your complaints, your doctor may prescribe you venoactive medication, and the use of the appropriate elastic stockings.

Surgery is one of the fundamental treatments for your varicose veins.

With small skin incisions, surgery will remove the varicose veins, and if adequate interrupt the connection of the superficial veins with the deep veins in the groin and behind the knee.


When the large saphenous vein is significantly affected, it may be removed with a surgical technique called “stripping”, which your surgeon will explain to you.

The removal of the superficial varicose veins does not affect your venous circulation, since the former did not work properly, and the circulation continued to occur through the non-varicose superficial veins and essentially through the deep veins.